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Shop alternative, unique and sustainable high quality fashion

cyber society brings alternative, extravagant and sustainable designs to the fashion industry. Our brand specializes in extraordinary fashion for artists, dancers, performers, as well as those who love expressing themselves through their style but also genuinely care about the environment. All of our unique pieces are designed by our team and made with love in Europe from GOTS-certified organic high-quality materials. A lot of the designs are very diverse and have detachable details, so there are endless possibilities for wearing them. Join the cyber society and enjoy the future of fashion! 🖤

Iva Zemanovicova


Founder, Operations, Sales, Clothing Design

Laura Bianka Balazic

Creative Director

Art Director, Photography, Editing

Petra Drozdova

Marketing Director

Social Media Manager, Make-up Artist, Copywriter

The uttermost importance for us is to create an ethical and sustainable production:

  • we make sure the environment is being protected
  • no animals are abused
  • workers are paid adequate wage

The clothes are made of the best quality GOTS-certified organic materials and are highly durable, so they can be worn for as long as possible to reduce clothing waste.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

Why should you consider buying sustainable clothing instead of fast fashion?

Sustainable fashion:

  • saves natural resources
  • reduces your carbon footprint
  • saves animal lives
  • requires less water
  • supports fairer and safer working conditions

and teaches us how to love our clothes again ❤️🌱

Proactivity - creating change, supporting local artists, raising awareness (e.g. clothing waste, slow fashion, sustainability,…)

Honesty - transparency and communication

Boldness - willingness to take risk to create something innovative

Ethicality - acting ethically towards all beings - humans and animals, helping our enviroment

Integrity - adherence to values

Last year’s project in a form of a unique rave x fashion show, where we presented our Resurrection Collection live on local alternative models/dancers. All of the pieces from our collection were also available to buy on the spot. We also collaborated with local artists and DJs. Here’s a little after movie from the show and the party! Enjoy the show! 🔥