About Us

We are an unique and extravagant clothing brand with strong ethical values that allow creative people to express themselves sustainably.

Sustainability And Responsibility

Uttermost importance for us is to create an ethical and sustainable production:

  • Make sure the environment is being protected
  • Workers are paid adequate wage 
  • No animals are abused

during manufacturing of the clothes

The clothes are the best quality and highly durable to be used for as long as possible to reduce clothing waste.

Our Values

Proactivity - Creating change

Honesty - Transparency and communication

Boldness - Willingness to take risk to create something innovative

Ethicallity - Acting ethically

Integrity - Adherence to values


Company information

cyber society s.r.o.
Reg. No: 54747074
VAT ID: SK2121777647 
Budatínska 16, 85106, Bratislava, Slovakia