The brand that started sustainable revolution in alternative fashion

Just perfect for clubbing

Wear our pieces on your next techno rave



Multiple ways to wear

Many of our clothes have detachable parts so you can wear one piece in multiple ways



Stand out

Designs that will make you feel unique

  • Receive clothes

    Buy it online or on festivals

  • Wear and enjoy them

    Make the most of them and feel confident!

  • Send them back

    When you're not wearing them anymore, put them in a box and ship them to our closest bazar pickup spot.

  • Receive credit for your next purchase

    Upon receiving, we add credits to your account that you can use for your next purchase!

  • Your piece makes another person happy

    Save money by shopping our secondhand pieces. Pick the piece you like, your size and we'll ship it to you the same way as we do with new clothes! Secondhand shopping just got easier.

  • Do it again ;)

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Our values