Our activities

Brand bazaar

An online secondhand store offering only our own branded clothes is a unique and innovative way to extend the lifecycle of our products.

Customers will be soon able to browse and purchase gently used items from our brand's past collections, as well as send their own pre-owned clothing back to us. This is an attractive option for consumers who are looking for more sustainable and budget-friendly options, as well as for loyal fans who want to continue to wear their favorite pieces.

The online secondhand store will launch in 2023 and will be easy to use and navigate, and it will offer a range of sizes and styles. The customers who send their clothing back to the store will receive money compensation in form of credits that can be used to purchase new clothes on our site.

Transparent production

At cyber society, we are committed to transparent production. We believe that being open and transparent about how our products are made is essential to promoting ethical and sustainable practices in the industry.

We are proud to share information about where our raw materials are sourced, how they are transformed into finished products, and the working conditions of the people involved in the production process. We believe that by being open about these things, we can demonstrate our commitment to responsible sourcing and production practices, and build trust with our customers.

We are dedicated to creating a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry, and we believe that transparent production is an important step towards achieving this goal. We hope that by being open and transparent about how we make our products, we can inspire other fashion brands to follow suit and work towards a more responsible future.


At cyber society, we believe that fashion can be a powerful tool for activism and social change. We are committed to using our platforms to raise awareness about important social and environmental issues, and to take a stand on the causes that matter most to us.

Whether it's through the messages we convey in our marketing materials, the partnerships we form with organizations that align with our values, or the charitable donations we make, we are always looking for ways to use our brand to make a positive impact in the world.

We strongly believe that fashion can be both fashionable and socially responsible, and we are committed to finding ways to balance these two goals.

We encourage our customers to join us in our activism efforts and to use their own purchasing power to make a difference in the world. We believe that together, we can create a more just and sustainable future through the power of fashion.