Our story

It all started in 2020, during a rainy melancholic day, Ewe was scrolling through a website with clothes she liked a lot. She found a perfect black alternative t-shirt which she thought would fit her well and added it to her cart, then she added one hot unique bodysuit. After some thinking, she closed the website and never finished her order.

Her closet was consisting of average amount of clothes, most of them were nicely fitting together, then there was a bunch of old clothes she either didn't like anymore or just didn't fit her current aesthetic. At the moment she desperately needed something new, because some of her favorite clothes were already worn out and she didn't feel good in them anymore. Yet she couldn't make the purchase.


You might think she probably didn't have money, but that wasn't the reason. 
The reason was she found out about what is happening in fashion industry and she felt really bad purchasing clothing from most brands, because she knew they were guilty of environment pollution and treated their employees horribly.

What she wished was that there would be a cool alternative brand, that does care about these causes. A brand that she knows is going to reflect her values, protect the environment and be fair to the people they work with. Yet she couldn't find a single alternative brand that would be like this.

That day an idea of cyber society was created.